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Recording Forum Rules.

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1Recording Forum Rules. Empty Recording Forum Rules. on Thu Oct 20, 2011 1:05 am


Here's some ground rules that need to be layed down here:

1. These recordings must be your own. If we find that you uploaded another band/artists recording, we will delete your thread and issue a warning. Any repeat offenses will end in being banned.

2. For the time being, covers are okay. We will change this if the people in charge of Forumotion or people with more power than us complain, then we will stop it. We are encouraging more original work to be posted.

3. Keep your comments as constructive criticism. If you can't come up with anything better than "that sucks" then we will just delete your comment(s). If you continue to do so, we will issue warnings/banning.

4. Do not "lash out" at others for disliking your work. Not everyone enjoys the same thing, and thinks your work is as great of a masterpiece as you think it is. If you don't want people to comment on your work, do not share it. If you continually break this rule we will warn/ban you.

I'll add more if problems arise.

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Recording Forum Rules. V7dsad
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