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Forum Suggestion Rules.

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1Forum Suggestion Rules. Empty Forum Suggestion Rules. on Thu May 31, 2012 5:21 pm


Here are some rules that I think could be used here.

Any and all of these will be locked as soon as possible.

1. Do not suggest things related to how the forum looks. For example : "theme is boring" "need more colors" "it needs _". Most of these are personal choices and I probably do not care enough to change these. There are also successful forums that have "dull" themes.

This also involves complaints with anything related to the layout.

2. Do not suggest "get a real forum". For the time being, I do not have money or resources to get a real domain name and forum software. Even when I do, I probably wouldn't since I don't feel like starting from scratch all over again. Any attempts will simply be either ignored or deleted/locked.

3. If you see a suggestion that is locked, do not make a new thread on it. This is because the matter has already been discussed and a decision has been made. If I want to change my mind, I will reopen the thread. No repeat threads.

I'll add more if I see any more problems.

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Forum Suggestion Rules. V7dsad
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