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Review forum rules.

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1Review forum rules. Empty Review forum rules. on Sun May 06, 2012 10:13 pm


Please read these before posting.

1. Please do tasteful reviews. If you give an album a 5/5 you must give enough details. Saying it's just awesome and give it a perfect score is not a tasteful review. The same goes if you give a negative score.

2. Do not issue an album 0/5. We are not Pitchfork and will not tolerate a 0/5

3. Do not flame someone for having a different opinion on you. This goes for people responding to the reviews, and the reviewer themselves.

4. Our ratings scale goes from 1-5. If mods see other numbers, we will kindly ask you to change it to a 1-5 scale accordingly (decimal scores are okay like 3.5/5). This will not count as a warning unless you're a jerk about it.

5. Please make sure you add the album cover at the top of the review. Don't worry about whether or not the picture is too big since you've already noticed our auto image resizer. This also will not count as a warning unless you're a jerk about it.

I'll add more if I see any further problems.

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Review forum rules. V7dsad
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