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Warning System Explained

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Some of you are probably noticing the bar under your avatars. This is the new warning level bars. When you receive a warning, your bar fills up. When it's full, your ass is banned.

When you receive a warning, you have 30 days to be on good behavior, if you break the rules again, you'll receive another warning, and you have 30 more days to keep clean. This will continue until your meter is filled and you have a nice Banned bar overhead and we all know what that means.

Here's the different warning levels:

Good user:
Warning System Explained Safemo

Level 1 Warning:
Warning System Explained Cleanq

Level 2 Warning:
Warning System Explained Lvl2i

Warning System Explained Lvl3

When you are banned your name will also turn red and have a bar that says Banned over your name too.

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