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If you're curious why some of the users have special colors. Here's the meanings of the colors:

Administrators are in charge of the entire forum, they can fix and edit anything and everything they want, and are in charge of the mods. They can also moderate posts.

Global Mods
Global mods are in charge of all the forums and have more power than regular mods. They can moderate any forum.

Moderators help clean up the forum and make sure people aren't breaking rules. Admins can do that too, but it's much more helpful having others do your work for you.
Moderators are also in charge of their respective forums and are only given mod powers there

People who suck because they can't read the rules and have broken too many of them.

Pink Username of Shame
People who have this name are shamed.

"Most people will be turned off by it, but there's bound to be fans of it."

"I am a great person. I do not bathe in the sun, the sun bathes in me."

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