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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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I'm going to compile a list of questions.

But before you read this you can access the super official FAQS here

I'm having problems registering

First check your emails for a confirmations. If not post here

Why can't I see my signature?

Go to your profile preferences and yes next to "Always attach my signature"

Can I change my username?

If you have a good enough reason, PM me and I'll consider it.

Why can't I post an external link?
Your account is probably less than a week old, I added anti-spam here so any user whose account is less than a week old is unable to post links.

Can I become a mod?
The chance I'll say yes is slim to none, so don't bother asking me about it.

I cannot subscribe to this forum
If you came across this message when you are putting in your info on your profile, you are probably under the age of 14, which is our age limit. PM an admin (me) to see if we can work a compromise.

Who is or what is Linkin?
Linkin is the world's biggest hipster. He loves flaunting his pseudointellectual knowledge and flames anyone who has a differing opinion than him. If you say he is wrong he flames you for being intolerant of other people's opinion. tl;dr he's a hypocrite and you shouldn't talk to him.

More to come!

Please be patient with problems. I'm new to the whole, "hosting your own forum" biz.

"Most people will be turned off by it, but there's bound to be fans of it."

"I am a great person. I do not bathe in the sun, the sun bathes in me."

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) V7dsad
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