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1Kataklysm  Empty Kataklysm on Tue Apr 10, 2012 4:22 pm


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Kataklysm is a Canadian death metal band. They call their musical style "northern hyperblast" after an advertisement in M.E.A.T. magazine describing another band, Fear Factory, as "hyperblast". The term refers to the extremely fast blast beats that Kataklysm's drummer, Max Duhamel, fuses into the music.

So any fans of Kataklysm here?

My favorite songs by them are -

Let them burn


and Taking the world by storm.

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2Kataklysm  Empty Re: Kataklysm on Thu Apr 12, 2012 9:22 am


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Yup, I haven't heard anything after 'Prevail' though...the singer seems to have blown his voice out..

To the Throne of Sorrow is an amazing song...that opening groove is simply fantastic...

and of course 'To Reign Again' that clean guitar really sets that track up nicely

Saw them a few years back opening for DevilDriver and Trivium, no idea who they were, and ended up falling in love with their sound...'In The Arms of Devastation' was a mesmerizing CD, really ahead of the metal times...

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